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You can make $5 for signing up and up to $100 a year in referrals, not to mention the actual way you will legitimately and safely rack up savings and earnings:

Here is one example of what you will find on This is just one of many that will be posted, and during development, we'll post some on the Home Page of the site so curious minds can get a look into it without having to sign up for a free membership. 

This is a live and working referral link for "". No, not ACORN, ACORNS.  It's actually a really cool site / app and you can legitimately save AND make money at the same time.  It's basically a mini-investment account, but there are other ways to earn money that do NOT require you to jump through hoops.

This particular one will give you $5 for signing up using the link below and we'll also get $5 once your account is set up and approved. And yes, you will make $5 for everyone you refer up to $100 per year, so 20 referrals in a year? EASY! 

How was this verified? This link was sent by a friend who had mentioned this in the past but I was naturally skeptical. Now, it comes back up in conversation and he tells me he had $500 saved in his account, a good portion of which was earned just for having the account and some in referrals. And yes, he made $5 for referring me and I made $5 for signing up. The site was checked for a secure connection (https://) like you see at in the address bar for this site, online reviews, BBB rating (A+), location,  how long they've been around (2014), when the website name was registered (1996, which does not mean they've been in business under the same ownership or even the same concept since 1996. was a domain name owned by an investing company at one time and we have no connection to it whatsoever.) , and other checkpoints that make this able to be VERIFIED SCAM-FREE!

You should also know that the $5 does NOT show up immediately.  Here's what their site says on that:

It costs you NOTHING to sign up. Check it out while the gettin' is good!

Here's another awesome way to earn $100 (or more) very easily. Drive for Uber! I drive for Uber and you know, it's not that bad. I could make tons more money if I drove "the drunk crowd" around, and I did make $400 in one day driving back and forth to a beer festival, but there are people that make $400 a day every day. Some people do it full time, some do it when they're bored, have a day off from work, or on the way home from work. I've had trips for $2.37 and others over $100.

Unfortunately, I didn't know anyone that was driving for Uber and had no access to a referral code at the time. And yes, you get paid, we get paid. Uber will pay you $100 based on driving 10 trips (may vary by area), and 10 is EASY to get to. Plus, you keep 75% of the fare, they pay you weekly, and you don't have to worry about collecting from the passenger!! Oh, and I get UP TO $150 once you earn your $100 bonus!  Now, THESE are the types of opportunities where you can bring in a LOT of money easily, and yes, you will then be able to refer people as well and make extra money.  Getting approved to drive for Uber is not difficult either. Check it out!!



Another thing will be verifying is legitimate money SAVING offers, not just money making offers. After all, money not out of your pocket that otherwise would be is the same effect as earning money!

Here's our friend Uber again, but this time for NEW passengers. $15 off your first ride (which may vary by city). 

Use the link below in order to qualify.

THIS IS FOR NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY, UNFORTUNATELY, and this code can be used over and over again for any number of new customers, so if nothing else, share it with your friends!